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The Chimera by Pakost

Whoa. WHOA. 


    The Chimera by Pakost

    Whoa. WHOA. 


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Custom Neon Signs
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  5. Don’t be afraid to be confused. Try to remain permanently confused. Anything is possible. Stay open, forever, so open it hurts, and then open up some more, until the day you die, world without end, amen.
    George Saunders (via observando)
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    Let me tell you about my little Mormor apple trees. Yes, you heard right. Fuckin Mormor plants. Shut your face.

    (click photos for captions)

    They began as seeds from the same apple, and were raised in a jar of wet paper towel until leaves sprouted, and their roots were strong enough to support themselves. As little sprouts (2nd photo), they were separated and potted into two old pasta sauce jars, where they remained until I could bring them home and get them some real pots. One has a reddish brown stem and darker leaves; the other has a green stem and its leaves are a little brighter. They were both roughly the same size at the time.

    Being me, of course I had to experiment. Once separated, I began to feed diluted crushed vitamin tablets to one plant and not the other. I stopped this after a few weeks because it appeared to stunt its growth, since the red sprout was an inch shorter than his green brother. It was the height difference that prompted me to name them Seb and Jimmy, after my two favourite criminals. (Jimmy, not Jim, because it’s cute. Shut up.)

    Since then, however, Jimmy has outgrown Seb in both height and leaf count (1st photo). Perhaps all the difficulties he endured and overcame in his youth has made his systems stronger. Seb, who has been spoiled with clean water and no major problems, has fallen short in contrast. They now seem to resemble their counterparts in a metaphorical sense rather than a physical one.

    Both are now fed with diluted tea and coffee whenever I drink it, since caffeine helps promote plant growth! *off I go to hide in a corner*

    Omg, bless this post

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La Reine Rouge by RozennIlliano
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